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Essay Extender You`ll Never Forget!

Essay Extender

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About the Tool

If you’re wondering how to make an essay longer word count is not the only thing you have to pay attention to. Writing flow and actual logic behind the writing are of great importance. And that’s where the tool can be you’re saving straw. Essay extender generator will help you to enrich the essay without ruining the writing itself.

How It Works

So how to increase word count in an essay with the help of our tool? The tool will add modifiers to adjectives, replace certain phrases with longer ones that have the same meaning. In the end, the outcome still has to be proofread and edited for the best results.


Despite the fact that the essay inflator can expand your writing, it can still make it worse. We do not recommend you to use this tool for important formal documents or academic porpuses. We do not take any responsibility for possible low grades, as it is completely up to you how to use the said tool.

free essay extender

The Importance of Extended Essay

Have you ever had one of those strict teachers who took off huge numbers of points for not having exactly the correct length? It’s incredibly difficult to get exactly the right length, yet those teachers are living proof of how important it is. You can’t get a good grade if you don’t have the right length, but how to lengthen an essay or how to extend an essay? Try a text extender or use our cheap essay writing services in order to get the best result!

How to Extend Research Paper

A text extender is a useful tool that lets you create longer papers with less effort. It searches your work to find phrases that could be extended and words that could be replaced with phrases. It’s the easiest way to get a paper of the proper length, and it’s faster than you would believe! All you have to do is put your text in, select the desired increase, and press the button. Edit it a little afterward, or leave it as it is.

Some might wonder whether extended research papers count as all your own work. We believe so, and we’re the ones who developed it. When you’re using our generator, you’re not using anyone else’s ideas. The tool doesn’t add anything except more detail about your own ideas. Like using a synonym finder or a grammar and spelling checker, it’s simply a way to change up your word choices and be more productive. Now you know how to lengthen an essay in one simple click.

how to extend a paper help

The Essential Essay Hacks You Should Be Aware Of

Even if you feel that writing is not your piece of cake, the are still some tricks that can help you to be more productive. You don’t have to be the master of the feather to create a good, solid essay. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be alright:

  • Begin with a quote. The quote can be a great starting point for your writing. Pick the quote that highlights your topic and go from it. As a variation, you can put the quote at the end and it will be a sort “mic drop” of your essay.
  • Go to Wikipedia to find sources, not answers straight away. This might come as a surprise but Wikipedia doesn’t know everything, as it is being created by simple people like you and I. However, it does provide with more than enough sources, where you can get plenty of information for your essay.
  • Try using the Pomodoro technique. If you’re not familiar with the name, it is basically a technique that requires you to break your working process into 25-minutes chunks. You work for 25 minutes then you take a 5-minute break and so on. There are a lot of apps based on this technique that can help you to keep up with the rhythm.
  • Copy your text and paste in into Google Translator. Hit the speaker button and hear your essay being read out loud. You’d be surprised how much this can help you to notice mistakes you’ve missed before, as well as improve the flow of the writing.

essay factsWhy Use an Essay Extender

Aside from cheap essay writing service, you can use this online tool. An essay extender is good for your health. A lot of stress can affect your body in numerous unpleasant ways, from making you feel worn down to decreasing your immune system. You get run down and tired, and you find yourself in a slump, which makes you even more tired and more stressed. Top 5 advantages of using our online essay extender tool:

  • It’s absolutely free. Try it now!
  • Writes faster than you can
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Our essay text inflator can relevantly expand any text
  • Our text inflator generator can improve your text and make longer

The essay extender is a much faster writer than any human. You can go from five pages to eight pages in a matter of moments! Plus, whether you’re on the go or at home, you can always access it. Finally, you’ll be easily able to learn how to be more creative with your essay lengths after you see how it extends your current work. It doesn’t just help you prepare a good essay now. It helps you learn how to prepare a better essay in the future.

Use this catchy title generator for essays online for the best result!

tips on how to extend a research paperHow to Extend a Paper the Best Way

We think that our text extender is the best choice for those of you seeking to lengthen your work. We’ve made sure that it’s perfectly suited for any subject and has a wide vocabulary. We know you deserve the best, so we’ve put effort into making sure that you get it.

Feel free to use our best essay extender at any time!